Grief Support Services: Methodist Church in Clark County

When someone has experienced the loss of a loved one, the Methodist Church in Clark County offers compassionate care and support through its lay ministers. The church provides a series of books, Journeying Through Grief, to help guide individuals during the first year after a death. Additionally, two 8-week grief support sessions are held annually. Those who are grieving can also meet with a mourning minister in person.

The church also hosts an annual support group for those who are grieving, as well as a “Remembrance Service” in December for those who need extra support during the holiday season. Furthermore, a dedicated team of volunteers and ministerial staff visit those who have notified the church that they are hospitalized. If you would like to join this volunteer team of the First United Methodist Church, please contact Rev. United Methodists believe that every human life is valuable because God has created us all in His image and loves us.

Through these services, United Methodists experience and express Jesus' promise of an abundant life in the face of death and pain. This life acknowledges the reality but not the purpose of death, embraces everyone during life and death, and overcomes the destructive power of death now and eliminates it in the age to come.

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