Supporting Those Struggling with Addiction and Mental Health Issues: Methodist Church in Clark County

The United Methodist Church (UMC) is devoted to providing assistance to those suffering from addiction and mental health issues. The Church acknowledges the need for education and rehabilitation instead of punishment for those caught with drugs. The UMC also recognizes the potential health benefits of medical marijuana, while still warning against its recreational use. The Methodist Church does not pressure its members to enter a specifically Methodist rehabilitation center, instead encouraging them to seek professional help outside the church.

The Church believes that addiction can affect people from all backgrounds, regardless of their moral quality or socioeconomic position. A Methodist rehabilitation center may focus more on compassion and healing, rather than emphasizing guilt and penance. The Church also strives to create an open and welcoming atmosphere for those struggling with addiction or mental health issues. Members are encouraged to reduce their consumption, if not eliminate it completely, in order to maximize their experience of God's grace. The UMC is dedicated to providing support and resources to those suffering from addiction or mental health issues in Clark County. The Church works with organizations and facilities that are committed to curing those with consumer disorders, while also advocating for legislation that does not disproportionately target poorer groups of people and minorities.

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