Does the Methodist Church in Clark County Have a Mission Trip Program?

Volunteers who are passionate about Christian love in action can bring their diverse talents to mission programs, local outreach ministries, and emergency response and recovery.

John Busley

from Holt United Methodist Church in Holt, Michigan, remembers when he first heard about Red Bird Mission 23 years ago. He was the president of the missionary team and felt that he should participate to be better informed about this important training program for discipleship in the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church in Clark County offers several short-term mission trips each year that vary in length and travel style.

These trips are organized by Due West and have long-term relationships with their partners. By volunteering to serve through programs such as the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission or the Missionary Volunteer program of the General Board of Global Ministries, each person in the church has an opportunity to serve and live out their calling more faithfully. The United Methodist denomination, United Methodist Women, and many churches and individuals, including many in Michigan, have been generous with their support for Red Bird Mission and the functioning of the Red Bird Christian School. Jennifer Wilder is grateful for this support which is essential to maintaining the health of the Red Bird Mission.

Rooftop is another program that not only serves those in need in Nashville but also offers churches a program to help those who come to their doors. Bethlehem Centers of Nashville, a United Methodist agency, is a nonprofit social services agency and family resource center that promotes self-sufficiency and positive life choices for children, adolescents, and older people in North Nashville by delivering and promoting quality programs and services for families living in poverty. Project Transformation is a ministry of the Tennessee United Methodist Conference whose mission is to engage young adults in determined leadership and ministry, support children in integral development, and connect churches to communities. They have leveraged the experience of highly qualified staff and volunteers to care for underserved and culturally marginalized patients in all areas of Nashville and the eight surrounding counties.

Its mission is to provide greater access to healthy food to homeless communities and poor working communities throughout Davidson County. More than 100 West End volunteers are needed to participate in the United Methodist Habitat Build initiative to build a Habitat home for a family in need of affordable housing in Davidson County. So does Clark County's Methodist Church have a mission trip program? The answer is yes! The church offers several short-term mission trips each year that vary in length and travel style. There are also long-term relationships with partners that can be explored through volunteering with programs such as United Methodist Volunteers in Mission or Missionary Volunteer program of General Board of Global Ministries.

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