Does the Methodist Church in Clark County Have a Youth Group?

The Clark UMC and Clark AOG youth groups are looking to create a fun, safe, and socially distanced event for the family. Tune in to 89.1 FM and get ready for a great time! Susan Boegli, an associate pastor at a church in Salem, Oregon, was approached by Mike Pervere, the president of the Family Promise of Clark County board of directors, to give a presentation at her church. Jean Brown, a congregant at the church, mentioned that the church agreed to be a support church, providing meals and volunteers to host churches. Kate Budd, the Executive Director of Family Promise of Clark County, said that the Housing Hotline selects people and sends referrals to Family Promise just like any other shelter program in Clark County.

Linda Winnett, Executive Director of Family Promise of Clark County, described it as “the center, the place where people do their laundry, shower, store their belongings, access the phone and computer, and hang out”. A group of interested people worked hard to find host churches such as the United Methodist Community of Battle Ground. Family Promise of Clark County provides overnight shelter for up to 14 people in a different congregation each week. Ideally, they should build a network of 13 host churches so that each church hosts people about four times a year.

The idea to open a branch came after the national organization held local briefings, including one at Salmon Creek United Methodist Church. The youth groups from Clark UMC and Clark AOG are looking for ways to create an enjoyable and safe event for families during this time of social distancing. With the help of Family Promise of Clark County and other local churches, they can make this happen. By tuning into 89.1 FM and getting involved with these organizations, families can have an amazing time while staying safe.

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