Discovering the Special Ministries of the Methodist Church in Clark County

Are you curious about what special ministries are offered by Methodist churches in Clark County? This article will provide an overview of some of these ministries and how they are making a difference in people's lives. The United Methodist Church has a mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for transformation of the world. This mission is being carried out through various ministries such as youth ministries, emergency funds for those in crisis, and distribution of household goods to those in need. At Desert Spring United Methodist Church, Director of Youth Ministries Kathy Smalley is passionate about sharing her spiritual gifts with young people.

She believes that by helping young people discover their purpose through Jesus Christ they can make a positive difference in their lives and in their communities. Grace Church has an emergency fund that provides direct assistance to those facing difficult times. This fund helps individuals and families with basic needs such as food and clothing. The church also provides support for those struggling with addiction or mental health issues.

Open Hands Free Store is another ministry supported by churches in Clark County. This store provides food, clothing and household goods to those in need. Each month a team gathers and manufactures an average of 115 gallons of laundry soap which is then distributed through Open Hands Free Store. The Clark County Department of Family Services also works with churches in Clark County to provide background checks for those seeking employment or volunteer opportunities.

This helps ensure that those working with vulnerable populations are safe and trustworthy individuals. The United Methodist Church has been making a difference in Clark County for many years through its various ministries. These ministries provide support for those facing difficult times as well as opportunities for young people to discover their purpose through Jesus Christ. By supporting these ministries we can help make our community stronger and more vibrant.

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