Find the Perfect Methodist Church in Clark County

Are you looking for a church with a different worship style or a smaller congregation? Look no further than Find-A-Church, an online directory that can help you find the perfect United Methodist church in Clark County. Take the Mill Plain United Methodist Church, for example. This church has a 13-member team that produces an average of 115 gallons of laundry soap each month, which is then distributed through the Springfield Open Hands Free store. This store serves 6000 families in Clark County and provides them with food, clothing, and household goods.

Grace Church is another example of how churches in Clark County are making a difference. They work with Eagle and Dove, a local program that serves children struggling in school and provides them with tutoring, meals, and social enrichment opportunities. Grace Church also works with IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network) to help the homeless by providing and serving meals ten times a year on a rotational basis with other churches in the area. Additionally, they have an emergency fund that directly helps people in crisis in the community and church members.

The Mill Plain UMC also joins 20 other churches to provide financial support and volunteer hours to Babies in Need, ensuring that all babies born in Clark and Cowlitz Counties have essential clothing, bedding, and car seats. On March 18th, the Mill Plain United Methodist Church hosted its spring family wellness event, the & Auto Show, at the Clark County Government Center. This event welcomed church members of all ages to collect food for the Friends in Service to Humanity (FISH) food bank in Orchards. Finding a church that meets your needs can be difficult. With Find-A-Church you can easily search for United Methodist churches in Clark County and find one that fits your needs.

Whether you are looking for a smaller congregation or a different worship style, Find-A-Church can help you find the perfect church for you.

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