125 Years of Methodist Church in Clark County: A Historical Overview

The Methodist church has been a part of the Clark County community for more than a century. It all began in 1812 when the first Methodist church was established and built in Hollywood. The wooden cabin was located about ¾ miles from the current church. In 1904, a new frame building was erected on land donated to the church.

Religion has been a major factor in Clark County since its early days, with Reverend R. Wood preaching the first sermon in Neillsville as early as 1847. The work of the Greenwood Methodist Church began in 1868 when Reverend H. Friend and two other founders, Caleb Edwards and Mrs. Andrews, organized the church.

The first church was used for almost 25 years until it became too small and unsuitable for expansion work. In 1902, it was sold to the Norwegian Lutheran people and Grace Methodist Episcopal Church was built and inaugurated that same year. Sunday School has always been an important part of the church and Reverend Thompson's pastorate saw plans to finish the church basement for use by Sunday School, the Women's Aid Society, and other social activities. Under Mrs.

Andrews' leadership, the work was completed and dedicated without debt. The Women's Aid Society has invested thousands of dollars in construction and maintenance funds over the years. The bell tower and bell from 1917 were moved to the newer church during construction and are still ringing today. A historic cemetery on the grounds of Bethel Evangelical Methodist Church in Ridgefield is the final resting place of some World War I soldiers such as William G. The elegant building of First Christian Church of Vancouver was built in 1905 and later merged with the Methodist church for combined services.

Pastor Dwane Shockley invited everyone they “could find” who had participated in the church over the years to celebrate its 125th anniversary. There is also a Christian church in Hockinson eight kilometers southeast of Battleground on 182nd Avenue which was established in 1911 with 15 people. The hexagonal design of this church building was inspired by Alexander Campbell's famous windowless, chairless studio next to his home in Bethany, West Virginia*. The Woodland Christian Church was formed in 1913 when cars became available and many small rural congregations broke up due to increased mobility. The Methodist Church in Clark County has been an integral part of the community for over 125 years, providing spiritual guidance and support to its members. From its humble beginnings in 1812 to its 125th anniversary celebration, this church has been a beacon of faith for generations.

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