The Methodist Church in Clark County: Services for Homelessness and Poverty

The Methodist Church in Clark County, Nevada, is dedicated to providing a range of services to those experiencing homelessness or poverty. Family Promise of Clark County is a program that offers overnight shelter for up to 14 people each week. This week, the shelter is located at the Battle Ground Community United Methodist Church, which is hosting four families with children. Nevada Lutheran Social Services provides homeless prevention, housing assistance, identification assistance, and food distribution. Congregant Jean Brown said the church initially agreed to be a support church, providing meals and volunteers to host churches.

Executive Director Kate Budd explained that the Housing Hotline selects people and sends referrals to Family Promise like any other shelter program in Clark County. Participants do not need to be of a certain faith or participate in religious services to take part in the program. Susan Boegli was an associate pastor at a church in Salem, Oregon when she first learned about Family Promise (then called Interfaith Hospitality Network). After Mike Pervere, president of the Family Promise of Clark County board of directors, contacted her and asked her to present at her church, she agreed. He said the idea to open a branch came after the national organization held local briefings, including one at his church, Salmon Creek United Methodist Church. Help of Southern Nevada serves families in the community and works to help them become self-sufficient by connecting people in need to valuable services.

Family Promise works to help homeless families in Clark County by providing housing assistance and sustainable employment. Catholic Charities is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Las Vegas that provides diverse services to those in need. A group of interested people used “all means and ways” to find host churches such as Battle Ground Community United Methodist. Ideally, they would build a network of 13 host churches so that each church hosts people about four times a year. Linda Winnett, executive director of Family Promise of Clark County, described it as “the center, the place where people do their laundry, shower, store their belongings, access the phone and computer, and hang out.” Clark County and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are coordinating this effort to encourage residents to make their donations more effective, with the support of local agencies and organizations that work with the homeless. The Clark County Resource Guide provides access to important community connections related to housing and homelessness. This guide helps those experiencing homelessness or poverty find the resources they need for a better life.

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